Widespread Cockroach Infestation In South Africa Prompts Warning

Cockroach Infestation In South Africa

In addition to load-shedding and water outages, South African residents are dealing with a significant cockroach plague. It is referred to be a “near-pandemic outbreak” by CropLife SA.

German cockroaches have become more prevalent in communities nationwide, but mainly in Gauteng, and many people are unsure how to handle them.

CropLife SA claims that several factors, including unsanitary living conditions and a hot and humid climate, have contributed to this epidemic.

Cockroach control begins with a severe effort to sanitize human habitation of waste and leftover foodstuffs. Serious intervention is required to prevent these disgusting critters from invading a home and establishing their colony in a dirty kitchen littered with leftover food and freely available pet food.


Here are some suggestions for preventing the issue:

  • Use a weak solution of household bleach to thoroughly wash and disinfect floor surfaces and hiding places in kitchens, pantries, and bathrooms. Cockroaches use these environments for breeding because they enjoy the heat and humidity.
  • Place rubbish bags into drums or wheeled containers outdoors.
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Should the problem persist or get out of hand, it is better to request the assistance of a licensed pest control operator, such as Skitterblink Pest Control.

Homeowners, businesses in the fast-food and retail industries, and the hotel sector are most impacted by this outbreak and should take rapid action to prevent the crisis from worsening.

CropLife SA implores all South Africans to abide by national laws and apply only registered pesticides, strictly following label instructions to prevent adverse health effects on themselves, their families, or their clients.

It is also not advisable to purchase unlabeled pesticides in tiny containers from street sellers or social media ads since they might seriously endanger users indoors.

Residents are urged by CropLife SA to carefully study the pesticide’s label to make sure it is safe to use inside.

Baits are another option residents have for getting rid of cockroaches.

Cockroach baits are pretty safe for both people and pets and very effective.

Baits should be applied (or bait stations placed out) where cockroaches are most likely to forage at night, such as inside pantries or in the corners of kitchen countertops. Placement of bait stations away from children and pets is crucial.

Should you require assistance treating your cockroach infestation, do not hesitate to contact one of our professional Skitterblink Pest Control Franchisees to sort the problem out.

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